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Hello 👋 I am Malav, I work on Infrastructure and Product Engineering at Persona. I enjoy leading and executing on high level business goals. My current areas of interest are Fintech, Distributed Systems, and Machine Learning.

Extremely Sporadic Thoughts Here


Instead of programming, my first post is about one of my short-films. Let alone direction and story-writing, I am terrible at acting. I am one of the guys who used to become flowers and animals in the annual drama held at school. But still, I love to do it. So, when my close friends Pranav Patadiya and Pavan Daxini got good rapport in movie-making and drama community at DA-IICT, I asked for the roles shamelessly.

‘Anami’ means ‘an entity which doesn’t have name’, we were not able to decide the name for the movie. ‘Anami’ was kind of a Crestopher Nolan movie, in which you don’t understand what’s going on till the very end of it. For first few minutes, it revolves around four guys who keep saying the same thing again and again. I am the guy who keeps saying “Kuchh dikhayi kyon nahi de raha?” (Why can’t I see anything?). It turns out at the end that all four guys are mad and have broke out of the asylum. Think twice about the tag-line that marks the end of the movie, it says something deep and it is close to my heart.

I din’t have much problems while acting in this movie. Pavan jokingly says that it’s because my personality correlates with the role.