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Malav Bhavsar

Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹ I am Malav, I work on Infrastructure and Product Engineering at Persona. I enjoy leading and executing on high level business goals. My current areas of interest are Fintech, Distributed Systems, and Machine Learning.

Extremely Sporadic Thoughts Here

  1. git hublog

    Sneak peak of git hublog project! …

  2. RubyGem for Sentiment Analysis: Sentimentalizer

    So, this month we had a Pittsburgh hackathon organized by facebook. I teamed up with Ruchir Patwa and made a simple web-app. It gets facebook status messages of oneโ€™s friends and predicts whether they are happy or sad by doing sentiment analysis. Here is the github repo of the project. …

  3. Rails configuration of my team โ€˜Where is Michael?โ€™

    In my first semester at Carnegie Mellon, my favorite course is Introduction to Software Engineering. Students are divided in the teams of five and each team is assigned one VP of Engineering. Each team is supposed to follow XP and use rails to create a web application. Only one class in the week, team coding sessions, meeting with VP and more coding. Yeah, my favorite course. …

  4. Anami