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Malav Bhavsar

Hello πŸ‘‹ I am Malav, I work on Infrastructure and Product Engineering at Persona. I enjoy leading and executing on high level business goals. My current areas of interest are Fintech, Distributed Systems, and Machine Learning.

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git hublog

Sneak peak of git hublog project!

I am trying to build better and interactive git logs in command line using blessed. Inspiration has been github’s activity stream.

git hublog is a replacement for git log. When you run git hublog, you get a TUI(Text User Interface) like in the GIF. From there, you could click on a cell representing a day and get commits merged on that day. You could also use standard git log filters interactively, so you could say :--grep=PMP and filter only commits related to apollo project on interactive activity stream.

UPDATE: I have been chunking away at this. It looks and works like below